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Bluewave Marine is an independent corporation offering consulting and professional services in maritime field. We are specialized in obtaining maritime documents, vessel registration and any other document or approval your vessel and company may need. We act on behalf of ship owners, ship managers, crew manning agencies and consultants. Our staff is well experienced and versed in shipping matters; they ensure that we deliver a prompt and first class professional service in guiding you through the whole procedures of maritime documentation Including electrical license and radio license.

Our firm offers many maritime services under one umbrella which saves our clients precious time and money.


In the ports many well dressed personals may come onboard or may contact with you saying that they can give you original Liberian officer licenses or Panama officer licenses or other countries officer licenses at a bargained price. But these are bogus licenses. Some time this trickery people may contact some other people and they may come to your cabin in police uniform and will search for those document and want to take you to the station once they find it. But their aim is not to sue you legally but to get more money from you. Thousands of mariners lost money with these people in the name of marine officer licenses.

Latest News

  • Panama News

    Panama does not issue new COC, but you can update your COC, like Chief Mate to Master.

    Panama does not give COE on Belize and Honduras COC

  • Other News

    Belize has stopped issuing New COC
    Samoa has started issuing New COC with online verification

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Bluewave Marine is best....
Jessica Plumer,
Bluewave Marine is best....
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Bluewave Marine is best....
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